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Electric Vehicle Charging

Heat Maps



Our color-coded heatmaps show you the best areas for your project or rebates in one look. The perfect solution for proposals and marketing plans. You no longer have to speculate the value of your project and can easily show it's potential to your team.



Rebate Bus guarantees your satisfaction of our data. If you need more information or a walk thorough of your heat map options, we are standing by.


Heat maps are designed to show data and information in a color coded system. This easily displays the data found in the heat map showing the hottest areas relating to price or a point system. 

View our geographical representations of rebates that utilize color-coded systems with the primary purpose of better visualizing volume within a dataset. Our heat maps assist in directing viewers towards areas on data visualizations that matter most. 

We offer heat maps for a variety of projects including: HVAC, Demand/Response, Rebates per fixture, battery storage and advanced controls. These incentives will not only maximize your project cost and savings but can streamline the approval process.


With more options to view your data heat maps are the perfect solution. Take the guess work out of project planning and alleviate your time compiling the data on your own. 

We have incentive and rebate data available for the US and Canada, giving you the ability to expand your project to North America with foresight and understanding. 

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