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Electric Vehicle Charging

How to Apply for Energy Rebates

Simplify the rebate process for more cash on your project!

What is an Energy Rebate?

An Energy Rebate is an incentive program serving customers with facilities that install energy-efficient equipment and in turn, receives cash rebates or incentives for the generated savings. Utilities or energy service companies, aim to offer customers an Energy Rebate Program in your respective area. We at Rebate bus are taking steps to provide energy-efficient IT technologies to help customers secure their rebate savings with their installations. Our customers benefit by accepting a cash form of the rebate or even a lower monthly bill.

How to apply for Energy rebates?


Before installing new equipment, a customer has to apply for an energy credit incentive. For this, our efficient Lighting Incentive Estimator automatically calculates lighting incentive for our customers based on the project’s cost and energy savings. Rebate Bus verifies rebates and energy savings at the installation of new equipment. 

Get ahead of the curve

The increase in demand for electric vehicle charging stations has resulted in corresponding electric vehicle charging station incentives. It saves you money not only on fuel costs but energy costs as well, to own an electric vehicle or charging station. Depending on your location and the scale of your business; there are incentives Rebate Bus can find for your needs by investing in EV charging stations. These electric vehicle charging station rebates vary by location and type of project- so we’ve compiled the most comprehensive database of rebates and incentives for electric vehicle charging stations in the nation. 


Rebate Bus can support in completion of the applications for energy-saving rebates.

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We provide all documentation, spreadsheet development and an energy calculator.

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Receive a validation report for the energy savings of the new equipment.

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Provide assistance to secure rebate from the utility

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Energy Rebate Eligibility

There are four ways to measure energy savings for equipment:


Equipment Energy (Fans, LEDs, Motors, etc.)

  • Incentives are calculated upon the first year’s energy savings.

  • 1kWh costs 9 cent incentive

  • Differs with utility​

Reduction on Peak Demand

  • During On-Peak demand, it is based upon the reduction of kW.

  • Differs with utility

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning energy

  • Incentives are based upon the energy savings calculated by our calculator.

  • KWh saved per 15 cent incentive.

  • Differs with utility

Reduction of the server due to Virtualization

  • Rebate is based upon the reduction of the number of physical servers.

  • Often for every server reduction, there is a $200 rebate.

  • Differs with utility


Our motive is to provide incentives for retrofit projects and help our customers with designing new construction projects for customers to save their money and effectively manage energy costs.

At Rebate Bus we offer three programs:


by design

Also known as Non Residential New Construction designed for industrial, agricultural or commercial customers that work on energy efficiency in the process of building and construction.

Non-Residential Retrofit

The installation of effective equipment facilitates in saving electricity costs for qualifying customized incentives. Energy usage reduction is directly linked to rebates.

Custom Bid


By installing new equipment, customers can receive rebates. Customers are allowed to design their own project and put forward the incentive cost important for the project. Although this requires a lot of effort from the company, rebates are higher for Retrofit programs or new construction. The amount of incentives varies by the utilities. 


We at Rebate Bus aim to provide a friendly and understanding environment for your next big project by reducing the upfront value of your projects. We are fully committed to managing your utility incentives to save you from the back-breaking process of rebate applications. We can help your project save by not paying loads for the electricity instead. We at Rebate Bus are here to facilitate you right from the paperwork till the end process of receiving your rebates with 100% guarantee. 

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