Accurate rebate data for faster lighting upgrades

Find utility rebates for upgrading inefficient lighting to LED. Powered by the industry's most comprehensive rebate dataset. We can tell you exactly what qualifies and where, in an instant.

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The Rebate Bus

Rebate Matcher

Rebate Matcher

The industry's most current lighting rebate database allowing users to interact with our data at a granular level. We are building our dataset constantly. The data covers every zip code in the United States, over 1,500 unique utilities, and every DLC, WaterSense, or Energy Star listed product.

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Find qualified products that meet the specific requirements of utility programs across the country. Work with the DLC, WaterSense, and Energy Star Qualified Product Lists right alongside comprehensive rebate data.

Proposal Generator

Instant Rebates

Offer utility rebates directly. The Rebate Bus network enables utility implementers to offer rebates to the market in an unbiased, transparent manner. We work with the top LED lighting and other energy efficient product vendors to enhance their marketing and user experience. Our open API format reduces barriers to participation, and reduces administration costs.

Rebate Bus makes it easy

Utility rebates can make or break a project.

Let us help with the paperwork and quotes.

Rebate Bus simplifies your understanding of utility rebates across North America. We have a team of analysts and automated tools which have reviewed every program and keep up on changes as they occur. Key measure requirements are captured and our data model gives you the ability to see exact rebate amounts for any product, in any market. We're building this data for you, and with your help - error reporting is built in to our public tool!

Our System Simplifies the Process.

Rebate Bus makes upgrades happen.

LED jobs don't sell themselves. They are more expensive and require more extensive analysis. We make it simple. Our rebate data enables a more accurate, easier view of projects so everyone can make an informed decision based on the facts. By the way, the facts are looking pretty good!

Join us! Together lets upgrade this country!

We believe energy efficiency upgrades are key to making our world a better place. An easier utility rebate process is the first step in getting there.


Locally Available Rebates

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